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Welcome to my blog. My pen name is Eva James. I'm an aspiring writer paying the bills working as a legal secretary. Relentlessly bullied by my former boss, I looked for another job but the recession hit. Feeling trapped, I recorded everything in this blog, which serves as a revealing insight into workplace bullying. WEEK 1 starts the story and, as the weeks progress, you'll note what starts as banter soon spirals out of control. Sadly, it's all true. Whilst along the way I've found alternative employment, my passion for blogging about workplace bullying remains. Trevor Griffiths, legendary theatre, TV and film writer said at the outset, "I like the writing a lot: smart, cool, placed. If you were prepared/able to take your prick of a boss on, you'd marmelise him."

Saturday, 25 September 2010

WEEK 101 I Heard it Through the Grapevine

I’m going out more.

Mid week, meeting my best friend for a drink, I wasn’t at the bar two seconds before being tapped on the shoulder by a legal stationery supplier guy I hadn’t seen in ages. When I asked him how he was he looked appalled and said, “Haven’t you heard what happened to me?”

For the next 20 minutes I didn’t get a word in edgeways as he told me this awful story about how he’d delivered an inordinate amount of new equipment and paper to a large law firm. On the way out the door he’d taken a single chocolate from a complimentary tin sitting on reception. The Office Manager, having witnessed this, wrote a stern letter of complaint to his boss. He was sacked for gross misconduct and theft. The funny thing was, I’d heard the story of his Tribunal claim on the grapevine, but I had no idea I knew the guy myself.

Then last night I went to a wedding party for a girl I’d worked with a long time ago, years before I’d worked at HOWARD'S firm. It had been a good company and I’d made many a few long standing friends. I was soon catching up with them. I’d heard from one of the secretaries there more recently, however. She was the secretary approached by the Senior Solicitor for a discussion about me after I walked out. She’d got word to me about it on the grapevine. (Swimming with Sharks blog) Guessing I’d had serious problems, she knew I’d understand the similar problem her sister had had. I listened until she stopped talking and sat up with a start.

“You know what you should do?” she said, “You should become an employment lawyer! You know everything there is to know. You’d be brilliant.”

Nice idea, but for now I’ll continue what I’m doing. I’m still learning, but I don’t need an ILEX or a trip to law school to further my education.
I just need to keep listening.

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AUSOHS said...

Isn't it strange that your stationery guy can get sacked for having a single chocolate, and monstrous bosses and co-workers can destroy the people they work with through bullying and nothing, NOTHING, is ever done to discipline them or prevent the harm they do!

Bullied By The Boss said...

If ever there was an example of a firm unfairly sacking an employee to curry favour with a client - this is it.

The story was so ludicrous I'd already heard about it. The poor guy was lugging tons of equipment around all morning and didn't think anyone would object.

When you think what bosses can get away with - it's crazy. They've damaged this guy's long term chances of employment in exchange for keeping a client happy.

The diplomatic solution would have been to not use him for future jobs related to that particular client.

That's why I'm so keen to get this book published. The odds are way too heavily stacked in the employer's favour.

Anything goes.

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