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Wednesday, 3 November 2010

WEEK 110 Location Location Location

I’m back in every sense of the word.

It was a wonderful break.

I arrived at the retreat like something out of a Bronte novel - cutting across the cliff tops in the gale force wind. By the time the door swung open and I was scooped into the arms of Sister Nora, I looked as wild as the weather.

When I’d combed the twigs out of my hair and got to know my fellow retreaters, it was apparent they were searching for something spiritual.

They were convinced that, after all the yoga and meditation, I would return to the world a changed person. They said things would never be the same again – now I was embracing a different, gentle philosophy. I knew that wasn’t the case. I’m not looking to make inner changes. The change I want to see is in the workplace. I just needed my batteries recharged.

I got exactly what I wanted.

It’s essential, when you’re fighting against something or for something that you stand back from it now and again. The perspective doesn't have to be philosophical as much as geographical. You just need distance, a quiet change of scenery where you can reappraise. In my case the questions were along the lines of, is this worth continuing to fight for? Is this worth continuing to fight against?

Of course, the answer is yes.

The distance I needed to travel for that perspective wasn’t an inner journey so much as the distance from my flat to Sister Nora.

I highly recommend it.

Best wishes



Anonymous said...

I certainly need something like that too but don't know where to find it.

Bullied By The Boss said...

Hi Fighter,

I can't recommend it enough. Just type in 'retreats' and they come up all over the world.

I visited Wales - St Nons, which is just outside St Davids. I didn't know anyone there, but, everyone is there for the same reason - for a little space to think about things.

Do have a search. You only have to do to or three days to reap amazing benefits. I'm making a point of committing to a weekend retreat every year.

Let me know if you find something good.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for that. I'll google "retreat" & see what comes up. I'm based in Australia & am waiting for my worker comp determination. It feels like forever. The anxiety & uncertainty of it all is making me very ill. I do need something I know.

Bullied By The Boss said...

Hi Fighter,

Anxiety is a terrible thing. I find myself wishing all the time that I'd left at least 6 months before I did - because anxiety can leave quite a legacy.

I could problably write a book about the dangers of prolonged anxiety alone!

So you take care of yourself! They're bound to have some really good retreats in Australia.

It'll take a bit of time to get over what you've gone through - but you'll get there because it's clear you're really taking looking after yourself seriously.

They haven't got the best of you! And that's great. x

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