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Welcome to my blog. My pen name is Eva James. I'm an aspiring writer paying the bills working as a legal secretary. Relentlessly bullied by my former boss, I looked for another job but the recession hit. Feeling trapped, I recorded everything in this blog, which serves as a revealing insight into workplace bullying. WEEK 1 starts the story and, as the weeks progress, you'll note what starts as banter soon spirals out of control. Sadly, it's all true. Whilst along the way I've found alternative employment, my passion for blogging about workplace bullying remains. Trevor Griffiths, legendary theatre, TV and film writer said at the outset, "I like the writing a lot: smart, cool, placed. If you were prepared/able to take your prick of a boss on, you'd marmelise him."

Sunday, 30 January 2011

WEEK 132 Backwards Business

If you missed my Supermarket Sweep blog from a few weeks ago, I wrote the following:-

“British employers are calling for the qualifying period without employment rights extended from the one year to two. Can you think of an altruistic reason they might want it? Me neither. I predict rising numbers of people bullied/harassed and unfairly dismissed at 23.5 months. That’s right, you can treat them how you like, just move them on before their employment rights kick in.

“Employers are also asking for a mandatory £500 payment to be paid by employees wanting to take their employer to a Tribunal. What’s interesting about this is, at present, the £500 deposit is the amount a Tribunal Judge can order to deter a potentially unjustified claim by an employee. It seems employers, envying judicial power, have asked that every employee be treated as though they’re trying it on.

“If you were ever in doubt as to whose side the law is stacked on – here it is... We’ll see if it’s put into practice.”

Only a matter of weeks later, David Cameron and Vince Cable are unveiling their plans to do exactly this. They’ll have a battle on their hands with the trade unions, but I wonder how bad it’s going to get. Vince Cable said that the proposals will “give employers more confidence”. Of course it will. If I had the government in the palm of my hand, I’d be confident too.

The Daily Mail is heralding a return to the good old days, specifically 1999, when employment law was firmly in the employer’s favour.

Turning the legal clock back is the lazy business answer to the economic crisis. Don’t bother changing business culture or philosophy. Don’t bother staying competitive by improving your operation or product. Instead, just invest in lobbying to rewind the law so you can’t be penalised when you treat your workers unfairly or unlawfully.

It’s backwards business in every sense.


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