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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

WEEK 197 Speak for Yourself

Like many others today, I was shocked by the leaked 'Unfair Dismissal' report written by Tory toff, Adrian Beecroft. It reads like the worst sort of scaremongering propaganda. Employees are painted as compensation vultures. They're lazy. They're out to exploit the gravy train compensation system.

Beecroft thinks UK employees are so bad, it's our collective fault we're not leaping out of recession.

Also included in the report is the bizarre notion that firms are terrified to expand because hiring new staff is like Russian roulette. Look at a new staff member the wrong way, he implies, and they'll sue for every penny. Beecroft's assertion is all the more strange since the government has recently changed employment law to mean employees now have to have been employed for 2 years before they're able to allege unfair dismissal. Thus his UK employer expansion worry idea is completely contradicted.

The sad thing is that whilst employers are given more and more power, they are constantly fed stories about rotten employees, milking the system and bringing businesses and the economy to near ruin. Even the most sensible and good-willing employer must be starting to look at their employees with suspicion.

And bad employers are completely off the hook in the report. There's no comment on CEOs who run shoddy businesses. There's no mention of workplace bullying, stress, horrendous hours or inadequate training etc.

Where does Beecroft's attitude come from, I wonder? I get the sense that there's more than just Tory philosophy talking. Beecroft seems very sure of himself. I'm just throwing this out there, but perhaps Adrian Beecroft is projecting his own work ethic onto the general public?

Perhaps that's why, thank God, his advice isn't being acted upon. If I'm right, he'll be too workshy to do anything but talk about it. My advice to Beecroft as an employee is:-

"Speak for yourself!"

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Jayne Williams said...

This guy is an idiot. He kept banging on about how employers value their employees and don't arbitrarily (although he couldn't pronounce it) sack employees. yeah! Right! but hasn't her worked out yet that most big bosses don't really know anything about their employess. They let their minions take care of that, and their minions are insecure, back stabbing, prejudiced, self opinionated BULLIES

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