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Saturday, 22 September 2012

WEEK 245 Jump Start

There we further scary workplace stress statistics out last week. 
The Daily Mail reported on new evidence in The Lancet that being bossed around at work could raise the risk of employees having a heart attack by a quarter.

And that was it, pretty much. The article was swimming with figures, breakdowns and information of how the study was compiled.

Like we couldn’t have guessed.

I often criticise over-reliance on statistics, receiving responses like “But they help prove there’s a problem and therefore something gets done about it”. Sadly, I feel it’s a case of proving something we already know and then realising too few care to find an answer.

We now have concrete proof that bullying in work leads to increased risk of heart attacks. Do we accept it as inevitable? In a business culture where ‘hire and fire’ is the fashionable answer to the country’s economic problems, increased risk of heart attacks are presumably seen as part of the sacrifice we must make for stability. 

Sadly, the only hope I can see at present is that the British Heart Foundation get their defibrillators into workplaces as soon as possible.

But I still don’t think any of it will jump-start the economy.

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