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Saturday, 22 December 2012

WEEK 258 Good Cop, Bad Cop

Back in May, I wrote about Adrian Beecroft’s report suggesting companies should have the power to fire workers without them being able to claim unfair dismissal. Vince Cable moaned about the report, but compromised. He extended workers’ initial ‘at will’ period from one year to two. 

The duo have popped up again. 

An article last Tuesday in the Independent revealed that Beecroft asked for the statutory redundancy consultation period to be reduced from 90 to 30 days to enable businesses to get rid of staff faster. 

Cable compromised and cut the consultation period in half – to 45 days.

So who is Adrian Beecroft? He’s a heavyweight Conservative Party donor and venture capitalist. Previously, he’s called Vince Cable a socialist because he curbs Beecroft’s brutal employment reform suggestions. Cable has accused Beecroft of unduly scaring workers.  

Anyone else suspect they’re just playing governmental good cop, bad cop? 
They’re a slick team and they’re creating employment law havoc. I say 2013 is the time for the Unions to start playing the same game with them. 

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