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Welcome to my blog. My pen name is Eva James. I'm an aspiring writer paying the bills working as a legal secretary. Relentlessly bullied by my former boss, I looked for another job but the recession hit. Feeling trapped, I recorded everything in this blog, which serves as a revealing insight into workplace bullying. WEEK 1 starts the story and, as the weeks progress, you'll note what starts as banter soon spirals out of control. Sadly, it's all true. Whilst along the way I've found alternative employment, my passion for blogging about workplace bullying remains. Trevor Griffiths, legendary theatre, TV and film writer said at the outset, "I like the writing a lot: smart, cool, placed. If you were prepared/able to take your prick of a boss on, you'd marmelise him."

Saturday, 31 October 2009

WEEK 10 Who's Who

I should have done this first, but hey-ho. Before we go any further, here’s an essential introduction to a few key players in my office environment.

HOWARD is my boss. He’s a young-ish solicitor with a spiteful sense of humour and a catalogue of morbid obsessions. When he joined the firm it wasn’t long before I found myself inexplicably transferred to him. You see, his secretary went to lunch one day and didn’t come back. The only thing HOWARD encourages is my suicide. As he tested the banisters to see if they would hold my weight, I phoned around the temp agencies but was told, “There’s a recession on – keep your head down.” Keep my head down? Keeping my chin up is the hard part.

I sit in the secretarial pool, just behind OLLIE, a criminal solicitor approaching retirement and an overweight misogynist who believes junk food keeps him working class whilst driving a Bentley and renovating a second home in North Devon. His recent sympathy with an alleged rapist sums him up:-

“These days, you can’t so much as touch a woman, I’m the same as you mate, bring back the good old days.”

Bring back the good old days? They’re coming back, aren’t they? Or did they never leave?

I could speak up but our firm is headed by PHILIP, a taciturn Glaswegian Company Director with an impossible temper. He has an incomprehensible accent and a penchant for kicking his cabinets. A heavy gambler, PHILIP rarely does anything by the book and complaints about the operation of his company get you fired.

By the CVs coming in - they know we haven’t a choice - we can be replaced by 40 others. But if I have to sit in this hot seat five days a week then I want you with me. Perhaps you’ll be objective. Maybe I’m being oversensitive. Maybe it is alright that when HOWARD last made me a cup of tea, he put the teabag down his trousers first.

See you soon

Eva x

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